The Alliance Team

Pam McDonough, President/CEO

Pam McDonough

As CEO/President of NORBIC and the Alliance for Illinois Manufacturing, Pam McDonough is responsible for the organization’s overall strategy, partnerships and relationship funding. Pam simultaneously acts as CEO of DeAngelo McDonough Construction Management Company…


Almarie Burton, Business Development Resource Director

Almarie Burton

Almarie is a member of the Business Development Staff responsible for initiating relationships with new business clients and presenting them the Alliance Assessment Process. Prior to joining the Alliance/NORBIC Almarie spent seven years as a Budget Analyst for Fred S. James…


Lori Clark, Senior Advisor

Lori Clark

Lori joined us in 2014 to provide advice and guidance to staff on workforce, economic, and technology-based development programs and service. She tracks and monitors state and federal funding opportunities and identifies strategic collaborations with other entities throughout the region that help advance the mission of the organization…


Caitlin Cummings, ITC Director

Caitlin Cummings

Caitlin is responsible for overseeing our urban initiative project by managing the Local Industrial Retention Initiative (LIRI) program. In addition, as a Business Development Associate Caitlin’s primary role is client outreach, implementing our business assessment program, and in turn providing clients with a variety of resources…


Pat Cummings, Workforce Program Director

Pat Cummings

Pat is the lead contact and oversees all On-The-Job training paperwork for the Alliance/NORBIC. In addition, Pat sets up appointments with manufacturer prospects and conducts business assessments according to the Basic Business Assessment protocol, providing clients with information on city, state and federal programs…


Sharon Elders-Jackson, VP HR/Events

Sharon Elders

Sharon Elders-Jackson oversees Human Relations, Finance and Grants. In these roles she is responsible for the administration and management of human resources, grants management and bookkeeping and financial reporting for both the organization and our various grants and agreements….


James Yoo, Business Development Workforce Director

James Yoo

James has a rich history working with federal government serving as a Congressional aide to both Congressman Mike Quigley and Jan Schakowsky. In addition to working with municipalities, government groups …


Andrew Fogaty, Small Business Development Director, SBDC

Andrew Fogaty

Andrew has been promoted to Director of the Small Business Development Center moving up from serving as a Director of Business Development. Andrew’s activities have been focused on connecting companies in the Collar Counties to federal workforce…


Chris Hollingsworth, PTAC Director

Chris Hollingsworth

Chris is responsible for overseeing NORBIC’s Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC). In this role, Chris assists Northern Illinois companies with improving their current government procurement initiatives; including, solicitation/RFP analysis, proposal creation assistance, market research, contract administration assistance, and customized computerized bid matching service…


Bill Stanton, PR Assistant

Bill Stanton

Bill is the go-to administrative assistant responsible for the general administrative needs of the Alliance office. He assists Center and Program Directors with various reporting and client management, ensuring all goals are met. He also helps coordinate with the OJT (On-The-Job-Training program) and seminars offered by the Alliance….

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